Welcome to Julio Tours Nicaragua, a family owned and operated business since 2007. Born, raised, working and still living in Nicaragua for many decades, we are experts in the culture and traditions of Nicaragua’s people. Having served in the Sandinista Revolution, Julio Pineda, owner and founder of Julio Tours Nicaragua, speaks personally and passionately about the history of his country. We pride ourselves on being a “premier” tour company with an in-depth understanding of the needs and expectations of our North American and European guests

Depending on your choice, you can see anything from colonial cathedrals to the countryside of Nicaragua, the real life of the locals. Whatever your choice, your day will be a humbling, informative experience. It will open the window to a new understanding and appreciation for a people who although are economically poor, are rich in many ways.

When you choose Julio Tours Nicaragua, you choose a company committed to you. We recognize and appreciate without you, we have no business. Above all, the continued success of our business depends on your comfort, your experience and the memories created with us while you visit our diversely beautiful country.