Visiting another country is a decision made with great anticipation and excitement. New experiences, new cultures, new friendships are all a part of the adventure. Beyond this it is imperative to the people and the countries we visit to travel with a conscience. Julio Tours Nicaragua believes we must consider this in every step of our tours. There is a fine line between contribution and enabling.

The importance of breaking stereotypes cannot be stressed enough, that everyone from a third world country is poor and needs help as well as the perception that “tourists” in general have an excess of money. As with any comparison, sometimes this is true and sometimes false. Offering money to people who are impoverished in some cases may be a wise and generous choice and in other cases, very destructive. If we offer money to small children for their photos are we contributing to their objectification? If we see a small child in the street with their hand out and put money in it, are we teaching them to beg? These questions are crucial to each and every one of us as we temporarily pass through another’s life. Julio Tours Nicaragua is committed to contributing without teaching dependency. We look at every tour individually, who are the people, what are their needs, what are we supporting by increasing their profile?