Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America full of biological diversity, rich in history and colorful in its traditions. With three distinct regions to choose from, it is obvious why tourists are discovering this beautiful country. Whether you are visiting the Pacific lowlands, North central highlands or the Caribbean coast, there is plenty to see and do. After a lengthy volatile revolution, Nicaragua is now considered the safest country in Central America. “Nica” people are openly happy to be at peace and excited about the new opportunities created by tourism. They are friendly, helpful, family oriented and passionate about life!

Nicaragua offers something for everyone. You can surf, go volcano boarding, enjoy live music, scuba dive in the turquoise Caribbean water, hike to the top of an active volcano, visit ruins, go bird watching, ride a bull, photograph colonial architecture, learn to salsa, you name it, you can do it in Nicaragua! If cooler temperatures suite you, visit the north and take in a coffee plantation. Enjoy a refreshing day floating down the river on a tube. If it’s heat you’re looking for, enjoy a cold drink at one of Nicaragua’s many beaches. Make new lifelong friends with the locals. Whatever you are looking for you can experience it here.

¡Viva Nicaragua!