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Mr. Spence Sponsoring Las Mercedes Baseball Team

Las Mercedes Baseball team is located in the town of Tola Rivas in the southwestern region of Nicaragua. With the help and generous contribution from Mr. Eddie Spence Las Mercedes team have a complete update of uniforms, shoes, gloves, bats, balls, and a brand new stadium.

Nicaraguans love baseball. In 1880 when the US army came to Nicaragua to research the Inter Oceanic Canal, the army introduced baseball to the country and it has been a national sport ever since. Visiting a baseball game in Nicaragua is an excellent way to embrace the culture. In 2013, Mr. Spence visited the community of Tola in the southwestern region of Nicaragua. What he found was an enthusiastic neighborhood playing baseball in an empty field.

Mr. Spence decided he should meet with the Mayor of Tola and propose a collaboration where by the municipality would give the community a field, and Mr. Spence would build a baseball stadium. And so it began…

Together with the President of the team Mr. Pedro Morales, a plan was created and step by step Mr. Spence purchased the materials to build the fencing and a new stadium was created with the support of the entire community. Today the field continues to be well maintained and Las Mercedes is one of the leading teams in the area.