Project Description

…a relaxing, informative, fun tour perfect for those of you wanting an authentic Nicaraguan experience and a chance to contribute to this small and vital community

At the main gate you will find Julio tours waiting for you with a sign with your name on it. Our day will begin with a 45 minute ride in an air conditioned vehicle where you will begin to see and learn about our rich culture and beautiful country. There will be time to stop and take photos of our volcanoes, the most famous being San Cristobal which is active to this day.

We will reach a small rural town called Posoltega where you will have time to stretch your legs and use the facilities. Posoltega is an old town, a poor town but rich in its authenticity. The town suffered much damage from hurricane Mitch in 1998, and still survives because of the dedication and hard work of its people. The town square is a wonderful place where people gravitate to for meetings or to sit and relax and visit with neighbors. You will have time to visit the local church or enjoy the simple yet fascinating culture around you.

Throughout history Nicaragua was known by many as the “Banana Republic”. We will make our way to the local banana plantation owned by a union of only women. You will not find any factories or expensive machinery here, only people working with their hands. We will learn everything about plantains. We will meet the farmers and learn about their way of life and everything from planting, maintaining a healthy crop and the entire process from cutting, cleaning, selecting the plantains to processing and finally selling them to the neighboring communities and large corporations.

We will continue on our day and visit the local school where you are welcome to bring and contribute any school supplies to the children. You will meet the children of the community and enjoy a presentation from them in thanks for your generosity.

On our way back to the Island of Corinto we will make one more stop in a local beach community for one last chance to experience the colorful people and the “Nica” way of life.

For full presentation this tour is best done on Thursday, however this tour is still available any day of the week and will include other similar activities according to the particular day.

Your Tour Includes

transportation to and from the Port of Corinto, tour guide, snack and drink

Cost and Transportation

  1. Toyota Haice, a roomy mini-van seating 16 people but we take a maximum of 12 only for your comfort.
  2. Toyota Coaster, a roomy bus for seating 30 seats but we take a maximum of 24 people for your comfort.

The price is determined according to the number of people taking the tour. If your group is small and you would like to reduce the cost, you may want to post an invitation on or to see if other passengers on the ship would like to join you.

Toyota Haice minimum 6 persons to maximum 12 persons

  • 6 people – $90 US per person
  • 8 people – $80 US per person
  • 10 people – $70 US per person
  • 12 people – $60 US per person

Toyota Coaster minimum 12 persons to maximum 24 persons

  • 13 to 24 people – $1200 US in total

Please contact us with any questions regarding small group pricing or particulars of this tour at

Payment in US dollars only will be collected by Julio Tours on the return to Corinto.

Porting in Corinto